No cash payment

No cash payment

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College admission without Cash payment(No Cash payment)- complete payment by Digital transaction

The entire process of admission is a complex process in which there are many types of payments involved.

Whether it is about Tuition fees or donation or service charges, you need to make many types of payments.

Many times people have trouble making cash payments,

so the admission solution has greatly simplified this entire process.
During the entire process of admission, you do not have to make any kind of cash payment, whether fees or service charges.

You can either pay the fees of any college online or you can make a demand draft in the name of the college.

A service charge of the same admission solution, you can give through check or online account transfer after the entire admission process is over.

So there is no need to do any kind of cash transaction anywhere during your entire admission process.

How the entire process of college admission is completed without a cash transaction?

There is no cash transition anywhere in the whole process of admission, we will use an example to understand this.

Suppose you are interested in admission in engineering course in a college in Bangalore.

After you have disseminated college, you will be given complete information about college tuition fees and other fees.

College tuition fees can be paid to the college by making a demand draft in favor of college.

You can pay the rest of the other charges online as well, so no cash transaction is done in the entire process of admission from anywhere.

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