Nominal charges

Nominal Service Charges

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The nominal service charge for college admission work.

As you know, college admission for any course is a complex process that involves many processes.

A lot of formality has to be completed to complete any admission.

Admission solution helps you in the whole process of your admission and also ensures that, without any hassle, your admission can be easily done in your favorite college.

We charge you a service charge in order to properly process the entire process of your admission.

Our service charge is very low and everyone can pay easily.


What is the service charge for each admission?

How much service charge you have to pay for your admission depends on a lot of things, such as which course you are taking admission in, and which level of college you are taking admission to.

But usually, the service charge we charge are following-

Engineering 5000 per admission
Medical(MBBS) 50000 per admission
BDS 20000 per admission
other UG courses(LAW, BBA, BCA, Arts) 5000 per admission
MBA 10000 per admission
other PG courses 5000 per admission

As you can see from the list above, you have to pay different service charges for each course.

Here you have another facility that you have to pay the service charge only after the entire process of your admission is over.

And as you know the policy of admission solution, we do not accept any payment in cash, you can pay service charge online or by cheque.

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