Direct 2nd year Engineering Admission

direct 2nd year engineering admission 2020- lateral entry

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Direct 2nd year engineering admission 2020- B. tech lateral entry – we are here to help you

Direct admission to Engineering 2nd year is possible through Lateral Entry, for Diploma in Engineering students.

Students who have completed 3 years diploma course can take direct admission in engineering second year.

There are many undergraduate and post-graduation courses in India, in which you get admission through letter entry.

For example, if you have done BCA, you get admission for MCA directly in the second year.

If you have done a diploma or BSc, then you can take admission in engineering second-year.

Lateral entry admission to Engineering course is possible to all engineering branches, such as Automobile Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer science, and other branches.

in this article about the direct 2nd year engineering admission, you will get all the information about the lateral entry engineering admission.

The process of Direct 2nd year Engineering admission-

The process of engineering direct second year admission has been made very easy so that more and more children can take admission in the second year.

you can get admission to most of the private engineering colleges, based on your Diploma in Engineering or Polytechnic mark.

If you have scored above 60% during your polytechnic course, you will not have any problem with engineering lateral entry admission.
But even if your percentage is less than 60, during the Polytechnic course,  you will get admission to many colleges.

But at the same time, there are some government colleges in which for admission you have to write an entrance exam or you may have to give a personal interview.

Some states conduct their own entrance exam, in which by scoring good, you can get admission in the engineering college of that state in the 2nd year.

some top Entrance exams for Engineering 2nd year admission are- 

  • Karnataka Diploma CET
  • LEET (Haryana)
  • Andhra Pradesh AP ECET / BE Lateral Entry
  • PTU LEET- Punjab Technical University  lateral engineering entrance test
  • Kerala LET

so, you can get 2nd-year lateral admission to most of the private engineering colleges directly on your diploma in engineering marks basis, but for some government colleges, you have to write the entrance exam also.

Direct admission to Engineering 2nd year Lateral Entry
Direct admission to Engineering 2nd year Lateral Entry

No. of seats for direct 2nd year engineering admission

No criterion has been created for how many seats will be available for admission in the second year in any engineering college.

So any engineering college may have different seats available for different branches.

You need to know here that for second-year admission, you get the same engineering seat which is left during the first-year admission, or some students who leave their studies in 1st year due to any reason.

There are very few seats available for second-year admission in any good engineering college.

And it is also important to note here that the number of seats available in each branch may vary.


Branches I can choose during 2nd year engineering admission (Lateral Entry Admission)

During engineering second year admission, you have to choose the branch from which you have done your diploma in engineering course.

For example, if you have done your diploma from civil then you will also have to do engineering from the civil branch itself.

On the other hand, if you have studied with a mechanical branch during the diploma, then you will have to do engineering either from the mechanical or related branch.

Yes, you get a little flexibility when choosing a branch here, like if you have done a diploma from the mechanical branch, then you can choose an automobile or mechanical engineering related branch during engineering course.

whereas if you study computer science during the diploma, then you have to take admission to Computer science or IT course, during Engineering.


Branch during Polytechnic Branches you can choose for Engineering
Civil Civil
Mechanical Mechanical
Electrical Electrical
Electrical and Electronics
Electronics and communication
Computer Computer Science
Computer software
Electronics Electrical



Benefits of direct 2nd year Engineering admission

The second-year lateral entry engineering admission has many advantages, some of them are explained below-

  • Through this, students can save 1 year and complete their engineering course in 3 years.
  • Competition for admission is very less during lateral entry admission, so one can get admission to a good college easily.
  • As you know fees are less during the diploma course, you have to pay more during the engineering course.
    So the student gets saved in a 1-year fee here.
  • Students are able to do well during the engineering course because during the diploma course they have studied the basics of the same subject very well.

List of some top Engineering colleges you can get Direct 2nd-year admission-

In most private engineering colleges in India, you can expect direct second year engineering admission. The names of some good private engineering colleges are given below-

  • SRM University, Chennai
  • KIIT, Bhubaneswar
  • Shiksha o Anushandhan, Bhubaneshwar
  • Hindustan University, Chennai
  • Bharath University, Chennai
  • Amity University, Noida
  • Anna university Colleges, Chennai
  • UPES, Dehradun

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Direct 2nd year Engineering admission FAQs

Can I get admission to Engineering 2nd year directly without the entrance exam?

yes, you can get admission to many top engineering colleges across India directly in 2nd year.

Some colleges and states conduct their own entrance exam for lateral entry admission, but most private and good colleges can get direct admission in it.

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Can I change my branch during 2nd-year lateral entry engineering admission?

No, you can not change your branch during 2nd-year lateral entry engineering admission.

but within a branch, you can change your specialization, to some extent.

for example- you can join Automobile engineering or Mechanical engineering if you have studied Mechanical during your Diploma in Engineering course.

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